The Schuyler Ancestors

David Pieterse Schuyler 1635-1690
David Pieterse Schuyler was a pioneer member of early Albany's most important New Netherland family. He was born at Amsterdam, Holland in 1635.  He was baptized on 12 February 1636 in the New Church at Amsterdam. He was the youngest child of Pieter Tjercksz and Geertruyt Van Schuyler. David's father, Pieter Tjercksz, was born at Emden, Holland about 1601. He was a baker who lived in Amsterdam, Holland. He was married at the Old Church at Amsterdam on 24 October 1627 to Geertruyt (Geertje) Philips Van Schuyler. She was born about 1603 to Philip Van Schuyler and lived at Amsterdam. Pieter and Geertruyt's four children were all born at Amsterdam, Holland and were baptized there at the New Church. The four children adopted their mother's surname - Schuyler.
,David Schuyler emigrated with  his brother, Philip, and his father from the Netherlands before 1650. His father settled at N.J. David and his brother, Philip, arrived at New Amsterdam between 1647 and 1650, and first settled at Fort Orange (known as Rensselaerwyck and became Beverswyck and finally Albany).  The Schuylers initially were carpenters but quickly found fortune in trading for furs. By 1660, both brothers were listed among the principal fur traders of the community. Philip married Margareta Brants Van Schlictenhorst in 1650. She was the daughter of Brant Van Schlictenhost who was the Resident-Director of the colony of Rensselaerswyck at that time.
There were many David Schuylers, Peter Schuylers and Philip Schuylers in Albany for more than three generation. Seems the famous Schuylers were desendants of a Hilip Schuyler. General Schuyler of the American Revolution. is a decendent of David's brother.
David married at the Dutch Reformed Church at New Amsterdam on 13 October 1657  to Catalyna (Catalyntie) Ver Plank- the daughter of a New Amsterdam trader.. They first lived on the lands of patron Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, which was known as Rensselaerwyck and became Beverswyck. David and Catalyna Van Schuyler had eight children between 1659 and 1648.
Their first child, Pieter Davidse Van Schuyler, was born at Rensselaerswyck, NY on 18 April 1659. Gertrude was born on 19 September 1661, and Abraham was born at Albany on 16 August 1663. Maria was born on 29 September 1666. David was born at Albany on 11 June 1669. Myndert was born on 16 January 1672. Jacobs was born at Albany on 14 June 1675, and Catalyne was born 14 January 1678.
In 1660, David and Catalina lived at Beverswyck (now Albany). He became a Magistrate at Albany on 6 October 1673 and was the Justice of the Peace from 1683 to 1685. About 1683, Pieter Davidse Van Schuyler married at Beverswyck, NY to Alida Van Schlictenhorst. David Schuyler was an Alderman in 1686, and a Member of the Convention of 1689, which governed Albany. He was a Magistrate again in 1690, which lead to his death.
In 1689 Jacob Leisler, employed by the Dutch West India Co. seized Ft. James and was left in control of the city of New York when Lt. Governor Nicholson fled. Leisler called upon representatives to join the government in New York. Some towns refused to participate; Albany being one. Albany elected his own officials. David Schuyler, being a Magistrate of Albany, was sent to Schenectady.
The Schenectady Massacre was one of the first attacks (1690) by the French on the English Colonists in America at the beginning of King Williams War (1689-1697). Count Frontenac came to Canada as Governor in 1689. He made elaborate plans for driving the English out of New York, but found the Canadians so demoralized by Iroquois raids that he made a series of counter raids against frontier settlements. In the hope of restoring their confidence, he sent a party of Canadians and Indian allies to Schdenectady, a Dutch village of about forty houses 15 miles northwest of Albany. Its inhabitants did not suspect any danger. Their town was palisaded but they had left the gates open. On the night of February 8, 1690, a party of French and Indians went to the town. Finding no sentinels other than two snowmen and the gate ajar according to the tradition, ]he raiders silently entered Schenectady two hours before dawn and launched their attack. They burned houses and barns, and killed men, women and children. Most of the victims were in night clothing and had no time to arm themselves.
By the morning of February 9, the community lay in ruins - more than 60 buildings were burned. Sixty residents were killed, including 11 African slaves (referred to as negroes in record)  The French noted that about 50-60 residents survived and that they had spared 20 Mohawk, so the Native people would know their targets were the English settlements, not the Mohawk. The terrified survivors fled to Albany.
Bible records state David Schuyler died 2 days after fleeing from Schenectady 9on 11 February 1690.  The will of David Schuyler (Fernow NY Wills pg. 336) 21 May 1688 proved 11 April 1694 of aAbany merchant: mentions wife Catelyntie, children: Peter, Geertruy, Abraham, Maritye, David, Myndert, Cobis and Catlyntje (Catalyn died on 8 October 1708).
Will of David P. Schuyler - 1688
In the name of God, Amen, the 21st day of May 1688. I, David Schuyler of the City of Albany, merchant, being in good and perfect health, do make this my last will and testament.
I leave to my eldest son Peter Schuyler, my house and lot lying in this city upon the hill between the house of Captain John Wendell and Mr. Wyndert Hermanse. I leave to my wife Catalyntie, all that my great house where I now dwell, situate in this city on the East Side of the street next to the north gate, for 99 years or during her natural life. He also leaves her articles of personal property. After her decease it is to go to my eight children. My children that are under age, viz. David, Margaret, Jacobus and Catalyntie shall have £30 when they come of age or are married, and an equal share with the rest, namely, Peter, Gertruyd, Abraham and Marytie. Make his wife executor. Witnesses, John Peek, Robert Livingston.
Pieter Davidse Van Schuyler (1659-1696)
Pieter Davidse Van Schuyler (1659-1696) grew up in Albany with his seven younger brothers and sisters. Pieter became a resident of Albany, N.Y. and was a trader. He married, at  Beverswyck, NY about 1683 to Alida Van Schlictenhorst, who was the widow of Gerrit Goosen Van Schaick. Gerrit Van Schaick died in 1679.
Pieter and Alida Van Schuyler had eight children, all baptized at Albany. Their first child, David, was born about 1682, and died young. Gerrit was born about 1683 and named after his grandfather. Alida's father, Gerrit Van Schlictenhorst, died in January 1684. Pieter's and Alida's third child, Johannes, was born and baptized 3 December 1684. Alida's mother, Aeltje (Lansingh) remarried a week after Johannes' baptismal.
When Albany was chartered in 1685, Pieter Van Schuyler was commissioned as Judge of the Court of Oyer and Terminer for Albany County. Two more children were born to the Schuylers. Catalina was baptized on 10 October 1686,and David Pieterse Schuyler was born about 1686, and was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany on 26 December 1688.
The Schuylers lived at Claverack, N.Y. in 1694. Their last child was born in 1696 was named "Pieter" for his father. Before his son was even baptized, Pieter Schuyler died suddenly at Albany on 7 March 1696. Little Pieter was baptized on 9 August 1696. Alida was left a widow with seven children to raise. The oldest was fourteen and the youngest was still an infant. David Pieterse Schuyler was only ten when his father died.
When Albany was chartered in 1685, Pieter Van Schuyler was commissioned as Judge of the Court of Oyer and Terminer for Albany County. Two more children were born to the Schuylers. Catalina was baptized on 10 October 1686,and David Pieterse Schuyler was born about 1686, and was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany on 26 December 1688.
The Schuylers lived at Claverack, N.Y. in 1694. Their last child was born in 1696 was named "Pieter" for his father. Before his son was even baptized, Pieter Schuyler died suddenly at Albany on 7 March 1696. Little Pieter was baptized on 9 August 1696. Alida was left a widow with seven children to raise. The oldest was fourteen and the youngest was still an infant. David Pieterse Schuyler was only ten when his father died.

David Pieterse Schuyler 1686-1762

David Pieterse Schuyler was born about 1686, and was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany on 26 December 1688.  He married Anna (Annetje) Bratt. in the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany on 17 July 1720. Their first child was born in February 1721, but died as an infant. A son, Pieter David Schuyler, was born 24 September 1722. Anna died on 14 October 1722, after giving birth to her second child. David became a widower with a one month old infant. I guess his mother, Alida Van Schuyler, looked after her grandson. [when it came to naming their boys, they had no imagination]
David married again on 2 December 1725 to Maria Hansen. She was baptized at Albany on 18 April 1697; her parents were Hendrick Hansen and Debora Van Dam. David and Maria Schuyler first lived at Albany. In the early 1740's they moved to Canajoharie, NY.
David and Maria had nine children,. The last seven were baptized at the German Lutheran Church at Canajoharie. Their first child, David, was born about 1729; John (Honyost) was born about 1732. Jacob was born at Albany on 24 March 1734. Adonijah (Anton or Anthony) was born about 1735. Two other children were born later.
Alida Schuyler was born at Canajoharie in 1752. Now David and Marie had seven children living at home; their older children were grown’ David Schuyler's son, Pieter, by his first wife, was thirty. Alida and David's youngest child, Catharina, was born after 1752.
Alida's step-brother, Pieter D. Schuyler, married Elizabeth Barbara Herkimer in 1743. Elizabeth Barbara was the daughter of John Jost Herkimer and the sister of George Herkimer. George Herkimer will marry Alida Schuyler, who was just born!
David P. Schuyler died in 1762. His will was dated April 3, 1759 and proved February 10, 1764. Parts of his will as posted in
 "In the name of God, Amen. I, David Schuyler, of Canajohary, in Albany County, being of perfect mind. "I leave to my eldest son, Peter D. Schuyler, 10 shillings for his birthright, and then the further sum of 40s. besides his equal share with my 9 children by my second wife, in the mines and minerals at Canajohary." "And because I do not hereby will my said son, Peter D. Schuyler, any more, I keep the reason to myself." I leave to all the children by my second wife each one full share of all my lands and pretensions at Canajohary, at the lake Conjadaroga. Also a full share of the mines and minerals. I also give to all the children by my second wife, . . .”. "My daughter Catharine is to have £30 paid to her by her brothers and sisters, and they shall help her if in want; and they shall help one another if necessity requires. And those who are able to use my lands shall do so for the support of their mother and my smaller children.  . . “  Why was Pieter D. Schuyler's father displease with him?
Pieter D. Schuyler married Elizabeth Barbara Herkimer in 1743. Was it because she was the daughter of a Tory? His father and half-brothers were loyalists. Pieter died in 1763; his father's will was written in 1759 and he died in 1762.

Henderickson (Hansen) Ancestors

Captain Hans Hendrickson was born at the Netherlands. He was an early settler at Beverwyck where he was a trader. He married, at Beverwyck, to Eva Gillse Meyer, who was baptized at New Amsterdam on 26 April 1643. Eva was the daughter of Gillis (Jellis) Pieterse Meyer and Elsie Hendricks Van der Gouw (or Van der Gouda). Eva's father, Gillis, was a carpenter, who originally came from Gouda, Holland as early as 1633. Eva's mother, Elsie, was a native of Amsterdam, Holland, and married Gillis on 6 July 1642.
In 1679, he was a prominent Albany householder who chronicled the birth of seven children in his family bible. In 1674, he joined with other Lutherans to petition the governor for permission to call their own minister. Called "Captain," his home on the east side of Market Street was an Albany landmark. In 1684, he was in default for his taxes and was fined. Hans Hendrix owned other lots in Albany and a farm and other country property as well.
Captain Hans Hendrickson lived at Albany and died there about 1697. Hans' and Eva's children followed the English custom of adopting the “van" surnames from their place of origin, which was often a farmstead or hamlet.
Hans and Eva Hendrickson had at least four children. Their first child, Hendrick Hansen, was probably born at Albany about 1665. Hendrick grew up in Albany with his younger brother and two younger sisters.Hendrick Hansen, at the age of twenty-seven married at Beverwyck (Albany) on 21 September 1692 to Debora Van Dam. Debora was born on 5 June 1664 to Class Ripsen Van Dam and Maria Bords. Class Ripse Van Dam was a carpenter at Beverwyck and married Maria Bords before 1660. Class and Maria Van Dam had six children: two died young. Cataryna was born 3 October 1655, and married in 1668 to Hendrick Van Nes. "Rip" was born about 1660. Deborah was born in 1664 and then Margaret who married Andrew Van Alst. Rip Van Dam moved to New York City about 1684, where he was a merchant.
Hendrick Hansen and Debora Van Dam  had at least seven children. Their first child, Debora, was baptized on 20 August 1693. Hans (Johannes) was baptized on 30 June 1695. Maria [Maud] Hansen was baptized on 18 April 1697. Nicolas was baptized on 25 September 1698. Hendrick and Debora Hansen's youngest sons, Pieter Hansen was baptized on 28 April 1700, and Richard (Rykart) was born at Albany on 15 August 1703. Their last child, Jefie, was baptized on 14 October 1705, and died young.
Hendrick Hansen was a merchant and was appointed as the fifth Mayor of Albany on 29 September 1698, by Gov. Richard Coote. He also served as an alderman, an assemblyman, and an Indian Commissioner. He owned land at Albany, Schenectady, on the east side of the Hudson River, on the Maquase River and on the Canada Creek. He was a member of the Albany Dutch Reformed Church and was buried there on 19 February 1724 (his will was dated 2 September 1723).
Maria Hansen married David Pieterse Schuyler December 2, 1725.

Van Schlickenhorst Ancestors

Gerrit Brantsz Van Schlictenhorst was born at Holland, and was baptized there on 17 January 1627. His parents, Brant and Aeltje Van Schlictenhorst, had nine children, four of them died young. The five survivors were - Arend, Gerrit, Gisebrechtha, Margaretha and Hillegonda. Gerrit's mother died about 1645 before they left Holland for Virginia. Gerrit emigrated with his father and sister, Margaret. Gerrit was seventeen years old at the time.
The Van Schlickenhorsts came to Rensselaerswyck in 1646, by way of Virginia. Gerrit's father became the first Director of Rensselaerwyck. On 22 March 1648, he was appointed the Resident-Director of the colony of Rensselaerswyck, (Albany, NY) as well as the commander of the fort. He replaced Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, who died in 1646.
Back in 1629 the States General of the Dutch West India Co. confirmed the Charter of Freedoms and Exemption. This charter empowered the Company to grant settlers land and feudal rights. The grantees were known as patroons. By 1630, five patroonships were granted. Rensselaerswyck, near Ft. Orange was the patroonship of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer. He was an Amsterdam diamond and gold merchant, who ruled as an absentee proprietor. Rensselaerswyck was the only patroonship that succeeded. Its tenants held perpetual leaseholds.
In addition to being appointed director from 1648 to 1652, Brant Van Schlictenhorst also became the chief Magistrate and Superintendent. He established a court, appointed officers, and held regular sessions. Stuyvesant, the Director-General of New Netherlands, preceded Brant by about a year.
Over the next twelve years, there was much bitter controversy between Van Schlictenhorst and Stuyvesant. This resulted in Brant's arrest and imprisonment on Staten Island for a period of four months in 1652. Brant returned to Holland, alone, in 1660 to live with his daughter - Hillegond (Goude). He died there before 26 September 1666, near his ancestral estate of Aert Brantsgoed.
Gerrit's sister, Margaretha Brant Van Schlictenhorst, married Philip Pietersz Schuyler in 1650. Philip and his brother, David, had arrived in New Amsterdam after 1647 and settled at Fort Orange (now Albany).
Gerrit Van Schlictenhorst was a trader and had a respectable position in the social and political circles of Beverwyck. [On 10 April 1652, Peter Stuyvesant established Beverwyck to be in the colony of Rensselaerswyck]. By his own enterprise and energy, Gerrit secured a fair estate. He acted as his father's clerk or secretary for awhile, and he was an officer in the church, as well as a Magistrate of the Colony.
Gerrit was married, about 1655, to Aeltje Gerrits Lansingh, the daughter of Gerrit Frederickse Lansingh and Elizabeth Hendricksdse Ten Cate, of Albany. Aeltje was born in 1637 and had three older brothers and two younger sisters. The Lansingh family had come to New Amsterdam about 1640 and settled at Rensselaerwyck a few years later. Gerrit Lansingh had died sometime before 31 January 1654 when Elizabeth remarried another baker, Walter Albertsen Van den Uyhthoff. Aeltje's mother and step-father purchased land at Rensselaerwyck about 1650.