Cornelius Smith (1787-1867) and Elizabeth L. Walters (1790-1861) were married in Philadelphia on 13 October 1816. Thieir daughter Cornelia Franks Smith (1825-1901) married William Smullen on 28 January 1844.
Edward James Willis and Louisia Wilma JohnstonVanStone were married: daughters,Susan Willis and Sara Ann Willis, married the Smullen twins April 6, 1879
JamesHerbertDexter and Frank Joshua Woolston Smullen born 1856
Susan Wills andSara Ann Wills
James H. D. Smullen 
18 ??-1914
Stanley Bartlett Smullen 1882-1967
Marion Cornelia Smullen 1889-1970

1st Generation


William & Cornelia Smullen children:
Elizabeth Lilly -1889
Frank J.W.  1856-1901
James H. D. 1856-1901
James H.D. & Sara Smullen
Edward J.H. 1880-1955
Stanley Bartlett 1882-1967
Clinton Wills 1884-1971
Marion Cornelia 1887-1970
Edward James Herbert Smullen  1882-1967
Sara Ann Wills Smullen
Confused?  Don't name your children after ancestors!
Susan Wills Smullen
The Smullen women: Marion, Mabel, Sara and Clara
Marion and Mabel (Kugker) Smullen
Mabel Kugler Smullen
Stanley Bartlett
Stanley Bartlet Smullen Jr born September 3, 1906
Mable Eva Smullen born 1915 and died 1921 from tosilillitis
Below is Aunt Marion holding Mabel Eva.
Charlotte (orton) Greenwood 1873-1962 holding Charlotte Ester 1907-1985.
Below is Harry Greenwood 1872-1964. holding Stanley Bartlet 3rd, while Nannie watches. Harry retired from his Ford Delership at the age of 48. They lived in a historic stome home on Clearview Street, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.
"Bart & Chick" 1926
Bart & Chick with
Jack Lord & friend
"Bart and Chick" 1926
Stanlry Bartlett Smullen Jr 1928
Mr and Mrs Stanlry Bartlett Smullen Jr 1928
"Chick" Greenwood, Bill Greenewood, Harry Greenewood, Charlotte Greenewood and Stanley B. SmullenJr (Bart) 1931 ( I assume Chick is holding their daughter's Micky MOuse.
Stanley Bartlett Smullen 3rd 1937. He was known at home as "Sonny"; his friends called him Bart but his Navy buddies called hi Stan. Today he is known as Stan.
Charlotte Smullen with Nancy (1930-1965) and Bart
taken 1935
Mr & Mrs Stanley B. Smullen Jr, Mr & Mrs Stanley B. Smullen 3rd, and Mr & Mrs Nicholas H. Greene Sr.
December 14, 1957
Mr & Mrs Smullen  Jr  took  Mr & Mrs Smullen 3rd on a cruise to Bermuda; never got there because of a ship pilots strike. WE went to Nassau nstead.
Councilman's Campaign Photo
Roy Focht, Nancy Smullen Focht, Ann Greene Smullen, Stanley B. Smullen 3rd
Charlotte Smullen, David Focht, Ginny Focht, Stanley B. Smullen Jr holding Charlotte
Elizabth Ann Smullen, Janet Focht
Back row: Elizabeth Smullen Fair, Janet Focht Manning, Janet's daughter, Janet's son, Ken Osmolenski,  David Focht, Scot Fair,
Stanley B. Smullen with his companion, Carolyn Smullen Pio,  Jeff Pio, Charlotte Smullen Osmolenski
Front row: Katie Fair, Janet's foster child, Ellie Fair, Greg Osmolenski, Stanley Osmolenski, Jim Osmolenski, Shelby Pio
In front: Stasi Osmolenski, Anthony Pio, and Amanda Fair