My Houses

112 West Allens Lane, Mt Airy  Philadelphia

We bought it for $6,500.00 in 1960; we borrowed the down payment from Poppy. Our monthly expenses, including the mortgage and utilities were $96.00/month. We sold in 1964 when we could no longer tolerate the urban life. Today it is a condo unit and the property has an estimated value of $234,000!  Number 112 is the third house of the block of four shown. There were two blocks of homes.

1204 Narcissa Road, Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, PA.

We bought this house in 1964 for $14,000 (I think) and sold it for $28,000 (I think) in 1969. Here our life changed to the Chestnut Hill and our social life bordered on “high” society. The girls attended Germantown Academy and we belonged to the Cederbrook Country Club. 1968 it was decided to move onward and build a new home in Belfry, a new Blue Bell development.  In 1975 the Narcissa Road house was sold for $72,000, and then sold for $350,000 in August 2008. At that time the property appeared to look the same as when we lived there. The address today is Blue Bell. PA and real estate prices have sky rocketed!  Click the photos below to see enlargement
Taken in 2010
Taken in 1910

470 Ridge Run, Belfry, Blue Bell, PA

We had the house built in 1969. It was one of the first homes in Belfry.  We added a fifth bedroom and built the pool. It was a tan stucco colonial; atypical suburban community consisted of fifty-five families. The parents’ ages ranged thirty to forty with two to three children.  It was a perfect setting for a TV serial “The Real Housewives of Belfry”.  In 1975 the we sold the house and the girls and I moved to Bethel Grant, Worcester, Township, Montgomery County, PA.
The house was recently advertised on the internet for sale. “Built in 1969, 470 Ridge Run is a colonial-style home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 full & 1 half), and 3,021 sqft of living space. This property was last sold for $285,000 on November 25, 1994 and it sits on 1.2 acres of land. Estimated value today is $552,000.”

104 Grant Road, Bethel Grant, Landsdale, PA

104 Grant Road, Bethel Grant, Landsdale, PA
For two years I rented the townhouse. In 1977 I bought the place for $45,000. When I retired in 1995 I finally sold the townhouse for $85,000 after asking $110,000.  Funny how those numbers $45K and $85K duplicate the buying and selling of Ridge Run!  Maybe it’s my memory? I planted those trees in the backyard when we moved there. The photos were taken in 1995!

Greene Pastures, Markelsville

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