My Ancestors

The Greene, Herkimer and Beach families descended from revolutionary sires. Nicholas Herkimer, the hero of the battle of Oriskany, Oneida county, N.Y., who lost his life there in 1777, was a brother of George Herkimer, father of Joseph, father of Emily Herkimer. Among the early Greenes was William, who lived in Suffolk county, Long Island, whose son Ambrose Greene served in the 4th Albany County Regiment under Col. Kilion Van Rensselaer. Ambrose's brother, Philip Greene, served in the 6th Regiment of New York Militia. Augustus Greene in the 7th Regiment of the New York Militia. The Beach ancestors were founders of Hebron,  Tolland County, CT. Alisha Beach served in the 16th Company of the 5th Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Army.
The Beach and the Porter families are related! Nelson Beach married Emily Porter.  Nelson's father, John Beach married Lydia Porter. Emily's father was Bela Porter. Lydia and Bela were brother and sister. Are you confused?  Read on!
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1627-1667              Alcock John                                                                                Hatfield CT Roxbury, Boston Mass 
1652-                       Alcock Mary m. Joshua Lamb                                              Roxbury, Boston Mass 
1830-                       Beach Anna Lydia m. Horace L. Greene                              Fort Plain NY
1646>1685             Beach Azariah                                                                           Newark, N.J. ,New Haven CT Killingwoth CT
1705-                       Beach Azariah 2                                                                       Durham CT Hebron CT
1739-1823              Beach Elisha                                                                              Hebron CT
1773-1845              Beach John                                                                                Hebron CT
1800-1876              Beach Nelson m. Emily Porter                                              Hebron CT Watson Lewis Co. NY
1677>1745             Beach Richard 2                                                                       Stratford CT  Durham CT , Hebron Ct
1611>1699             Beach Richard m. Hannah Foote                                          New Haven CT Stratford CT
1622                         Belding William                                                                       Staffordshire England, Wethersfield, CT,
1648-1732              Belding Daniel                                                                          Wethersfield, CT, Hatfield CT, Deerfield Mass
1677-1738              Belding Mary m. James Trowbridge                                     Hatfield CT, Deerfield Mass
1627-1684              Comstock Garriet                                                                   Wethersfield CT
1680-1752              Comstock Samuel                                                                   Wethersfield CT
1680-1752              Comstock Samuel                                                                   Wethersfield CT
1710-1777              Comstock Mary m. John Trowbridge                                  Wethersfield CT
1680-1752              Comstock Samuel                                                                   Wethersfield CT
1659-abt1690       Coppernoll Class William                                                        Holland, Schenectady NY
1809-1840              Coppernoll James m. Nancy Strayer                                     Palatine, Stone Arabia NY
1780-1840              Coppernoll John                                                                       Stone Arabia Palatine NY
1834-                       Coppernoll Nancy m. John Adams DeWandelaer             Stone Arabia NY
1687/88-1787        Coppernoll William                                                                  Schenectady, Stone Arabia NY
1752-1825              Coppernoll, Nicholas                                                              Stone Arabia, German Flatts, Ft Plain NY
1653->1709           DeWandelaer  Johannes                                                       Albany  NY
1876-1942              DeWandelaer Edward Percy                                               Ft Plain Montgomery Co. NY
1797-1867              DeWandelaer Gansevoort                                                   Palatine Montgomery Co. NY
1756-1824              DeWandelaer Johannes Gansevoort                               Albany , Palatine Montgomery Co NY
1670>1736             DeWandelaer Johannes Jr                                                   Albany NY
1830-1891              DeWandelaer John Adams                                                  Palatine Montgomery Co. NY Adamstown MD
1713 >1787            DeWandelaer Pieter                                                               Schaghticoke, Albany
1905-1939              DeWandelaer Ruth Rosemary m. NH Greene             Ft Plain Montgomery Co. NY Philadelphia
1858-1939              DeWandelaer, Delmar                                                           Ft Plain Montgomery Co. NY
1685-                       Diefendorf Jacob                                                                     Stone Arabia NY
1787-1857              Diefendorf Margaret  m. J. Strayer Jr                              Stone Arabia NY
1620-1655              Foote Nathanial                                                                        Shalford, England, Boston , Hartford , Wethersfield CT
1654-1696              Foote Elizabeth m. Daniel Belding                                   Wethersfield CT
1652~1704             Foote  Daniel                                                                             Hadley Mass, Wetherfield CT,  Stratford CT
1683                         Foote Hannah m. Richard Beach                                       Stratford CT
1757-                       Ganesvort  Gertude                                                         Albany NY
1630s-1710            Ganesvort  Harmen H. Van                                            Holland, Beverwyck, Albany NY
1683-1762              Ganesvort  Leendert m.Catherine DeWandelaer      Albany NY
1681-                       Ganesvort  Lysbeth m. Johannes DeWnadelaer Jr    Albany NY
1725-1809              Ganesvort  Pieter Dr.m. Geritje TenEyck                    Albany NY
1783-1864              Getman Adam                                                                          Stone Arabia NY
1734-1821              Getman Christian                                                                     Stone Arabia NY
1807                         Getman Delia m. G. DeWandelaer                                  Stone Arabia NY
1693-1781              Getman Frederick                                                                   Rotterdan,Holland   Stone Arabia NY
1746-1827              Greene Ambrose Greene                                                    Dutchess Co. NY Castle ChurchHerkimer Co NY
1880-1932              Greene Carl Herkimer                                                            Fort Plain, Bronxville (Manhatten) NY
1643-1717              Greene Edward                                                                        Kingston RI, Suffolk LI NY, Dutchess Co. NY
1839-18921           Greene Horce Lester m. Anna Beach                              Little Falls, Fort Plain NY
1770=1851             Greene John Lester                                                                Indian Castle, Little Falls NY
1606-1695              Greene John, Edward                                                            Quidnessett, Kingston, Rhode Island
1808-1863              Greene Lester                                                                           Indian Castle, Little Falls NY
1906-1980              Greene Nicholas Herkimer                                                 Philadelphia
1680-1756              Greene Wm                                                                               Kingston, Rhode Island CT
1709-1775              Greene Wm Jr                                                                           Suffolk Long Island NY
1621-1693              Hanford Thomas
1710-1777              Hanford Sarah m. Samuel Comstock
1744-1788              Herkimer George Herkimer m. Alidia Schuyler         Fort Herkimer , Danube NY
1695-1775              Herkimer Johan Jost                                                               Little Falls,  German Flats ,Fort Herkimer NY
1732 -aft1780       Herkimer Johan Jost 2nd                                                      Fort Herkimer, Canada
1774-1824              Herkimer Joseph Lester m. Eunice Trowbridge          Danube  Little Falls, Herkimer Co. NY
1543-                       Hopkins, Stephen, Rebecca                                                 Plymouth Colony Eastham Mass
1704                         Kilmer Elizabeth m. Johanna Kuhn                                  Hesse-Cassell, Germany, Red Hook NY
1675                         Kilmer George                                                                           Hesse-Cassell, Germany, West Camp, Ulster Co, New York
1761                         Kilmer Maria m. William LInck                                          Red Hook, Dutchess County NY
1732                         Kilmer Peter                                                                               Red Hook, Dutchess County NY
1699                         Kilmer Simon                                                                             Hesse-Cassell, Germany, Red Hook Dutchess County NY
1720                         Kuhn Elizabeth n. Johannes Linck                                     Columbia County NY
1665abt                  Kuhn Johann Jacob                                                                 Zurich, Switzerland, Columbia County NY
1695-1778abt       Kuhn Johanna W.                                                                     Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, Columbia County NY
1679                         Lamb Dorothy m. Tim Woodbridge Jr                             Roxbury, Boston Mass  Simsbury CT
1642-1690              Lamb Joshua                                                                              Roxbury, Boston Mass
1600-                       Lamb Thomas                                                                            Roxbury, Boston Mass
1822-1885              Linck David                                                                                  Charlestown,  Root ,  Johnstown NY
1685-aft 1726       Linck Johann Wilhem                                                              Germeny, Livingston Manor NY Albany NY
1720-1801              Linck Johannes                                                                          Red Hook, Dutchess County NY.
1800abt- 1859      Linck Philip                                                                                  Red Hook, Charlestown NY
1753-1849              Linck William                                                                              Red Hook,  Copake Lake NY,
1854-1910              Link Addison                                                                              Root, Johnstown NY
1879-1932              Link Ethel m. Edward Percy DeWandelaer                   Root, FT Plain NY
1740-1782              Lipe Adam                                                                                   Stone Arabia NY
1767-1813              Lipe Johannes                                                                           Stone Arabia NY
1782-                       Lipe Margaret m. John Coppernoll                                  Stone Arabia NY
1685- ?                    Porter David                                                                               Windsor CT, Hebron Tolland Co. CT
1806-1895              Porter Emily m. Nelson Beach in 1829                            Hebron Tolland Co. CT
1722-1788              Porter Increase                                                                         Hebron Tolland Co. CT
1751- ?                    Porter Increase Jr                                                                    Hebron Tolland Co. CT
1594-1648              Porter John                                                                                Hingham, Mass., Windsor CT,
1620-1699              Porter John 2nd                                                                        Hingham, Mass., Windsor CT
1655- ?                    Porter John 3rd                                                                         Windsor CT
1752-1829              Schuyler Alidia m. Geo. Herkimer                                  
1629-1690              Schuyler David                                                                          Richfield Springs, Otsego County NY
1685-1762              Schuyler David 2nd                                                                 
1659-1696              Schuyler Pieter                                                                        
1610                         Smalley Edward, Francis                                                        Eastham Mass
1610                         Smalley John ,Mary                                                                 Plymouth Colony 
1665-1721              Smalley,Benjamin, Rebecca m. Woodworth               Plymouth Colony , Great Sebascodegan Island Maine
1590                         Snow Nicholas, John                                                               Plymouth Colony  Eastham Mass
1744-1800              Strayer John                                                                               Stone Arabia NY
1776-1871              Strayer John Jr                                                                          Stone Arabia NY
1811-1908              Strayer Nancy  m. James Coppernoll                               Stone Arabia NY
1748-1818              Strong David                                                                              Hebron CT
1695-1780              Strong Eleazer                                                                           Northampton Mass, Hebron CT
1730-1822              Strong Eleazer Jr                                                                       Hebron CT
1637-1733              Strong Jedehiah                                                                       Northampton Mass, Coventry CT
1667-1709              Strong Jedehiah Jr                                                                   Northampton Mass,
1605-1699              Strong John                                                                                Taunton Mass, Windsor CT, Northampton Mass
1678-1753              TenEyck Coenradt                                                                     Albany NY
1728                         TenEyck Geritje m. Pieter Ganesvoort                           Albany NY
1633-1711              Trowbridge William                                                                 Exeter England, Dorchester Mass., New Haven CT
1664-1732              Trowbridge James                                                                   New Haven, Stratford, Norwalk, Wilton CT
1706-1777              Trowbridge John                                                                      Stratford, Wilton , Danbury CT
1736-1816              Trowbridge David                                                                    Danbury CT, Amherst, Springfield County, Mass
1764-1832              Trowbridge Eunice m.Joseph Herkimer                        Amherst, Springfield County, Mass
1613-1695              Woodbridge John                                                                    Andover , Newbury Mass
1746-                       Woodbridge Sasa m. David Trowbridge                        Hatfield CT
1656-1732              Woodbridge Timothy                                                             Newbury Mass,  Hartford CT
1713-1770              Woodbridge Timothy 3rd                                                     Simsbury  Hatfield CT
1686-1742              Woodbridge Timothy Jr                                                         Hartford  Simsbury CT
1610-1686              Woodworth Walter                                                                 Kentshire, England, Scituate Mass ,Weymouth Mass
1638(40)-1728      Woodworth Benjamin                                                           Scituate Mass, Little Compton RI, Lebanon New London CT
1674-                       Woodworth Benjamin Jr                                                       Little Compton RI, Lebanon,New London CT
1691-1784              Woodworth Ebenezer  m. R Smalley                              Little Compton RI, Lebanon,New London CT
1718-1804              Woodworth Ebenezer Jr, Lydia                                          Lebanon  New London CT
1714-1748              Zimmerman Adam                                                                  Schoharie NY
1743                         Zimmerman Anna Eva m. Christain Getman                Schoharie NY
1690-1739              Zimmerman Jacob                                                                   Germany, Livingston Manor NY Schoharie NY