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Rhode Island

John Greene accompanied Richard Smith to Narragansett Bay where the latter had a trading post at Quidnessett, or Aquidneset. The two together established a flourishing trade with the Indians. For some years, Smith and Greene were the only white settlers at Quidnessett.
John Greene purchased another 100 acres in Narragansett, in 1651 near Allen's Harbor; he did not build on this land until 1661.
In January 1672, John Greene along with John Fones, Henry Tibbitts, and four others, bought a large tract of land in Narragansett (known as the Devil's Foot) from Awashuwett, the chief Sachem of the Narragansett Indians. This tract later became known as the Fones Purchase and on 31 October 1677, these 5,000 acres were set aside for a town to be incorporated as East Greenwich. In July 1679, ten-acre town lots and ninety acre farm lots were drawn. John Greene drew the ninth house lot and the third farm lot.
Edward Greene lived in Connecticut and then Suffolk County, L.I. They lived in Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess County, N.Y. before returning to Kingstown R.I. in 1695


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