Greene Pastures Gardens

Ten years in progress.......

It began with the East Garden

The original garden started on the east side of the house where there was an asparagus bed. The garden was partially shade by two tall black walnut trees. The beebalm  and day lily plants florish however every thing else I planted wilted and died.  That was when I learned only certain plants could live near a black walnut tree.  That may have been th e reason the grapes never rippened to be sweet and tasty

.. . . Spring Garden

Before I bought the house I had to have the septic tank inspected and cleaned. As a result there was a fifteen foot, circular, tilled plot of dirt ready to be planted. Here the Michigan Bulb tulips grew for fifteen years. The tulips continued until they were all transplanted. Notice the bird feeder on the post at the right. That was the post for the hughe satellite dish that the previous owner took (thank goodness)

.. . . Terrace Garden

The terrace garden was blood, sweat and tears to develop. It was the recycle pile for glass (wine bottle), rocks and stones from the old vegetable garden. The rocks and stones were used to build steps and a small stone wall around the terrace. Creeping phlox, and Day Lilies from my sister's "Valley Fprge Day Lily Farm" were the essence of the garden. The was a big hole from a rather large rock that became a 'fishing pond' for Shelby.

.. . . West Gardens

All my weeds are wild flowers

.. . . Bird Sanctuary

.. . .Day Lily Garden