Getman Ancestors

When Gansevoort DeWandelaer was young, he studied medicine and clerked in his uncle’s store. His uncle was his mother’s brother - Conrad Gansevoort. He married about 1825 to Delia Getman of Stone Arabia, who was born on 5 July 1807 to Adam Getman and Mary Vauche. John Adams DeWandelaer was born at Palatine, N.Y. on 16 November 1834. He was oldest three surviving children of Delia (Getman) and Gansevoort DeWandelaer. Stone Arabia became part of the town of Ephratah founded in 1827.
Ferederick Getman  1693 -
Ferederick Getman was born at the German Palatine of Pfalz on the Rhine River in 1693. His father, Casper Getman, was born in Germany in 1673. Casper was a Lutheran, a husbandman, and vinedresser who brought his family to England from a German principality known as Pfalz (near Heidelberg, Germany). Records indicate that in 1709 Casper Getman, his wife, Maria Barbara, and their eight children were aboard Captain George Gouland's ship in the fourth party to leave Rotterdam, Holland for London, England. They were among 1735 other poor Lutheran Palatine Germans who immigrate to England. Record found in the Public Record Office at London indicate that Casper Getman, age 36, with wife- Maria Barbara, four sons (ages 5, 8, 14 and 16) and three daughter (ages 2, 5, and 6) arrived at St Catherine’s Parish in London on 11 June 1709. Frederick was the oldest son of Casper and Maria Barbara Getman.
The fact that Maria Barbara Getman was listed as a head of a family on Governor Hunter's ration list of 1710 suggests that Casper did not survive the trip to America in the late 1709. Only two children survived the trip. One was Frederick Getman. He was naturalized at the Mayor's Court at Albany NY on 22 November 1715 along with Johannes Bierman. Evidence is very strong that Johannes Bierman married the widow, Maria Barbara Getman. 
Johannes Bierman was born in Germany between 1665 and 1680. His first wife was the mother of his two daughters. Mary Bierman was born about 1700 and Margaret was born about 1702. His second wife was Magdalena or Margaret.  Johannes and his wife and daughters were on Captain Jan Untank's ship in the 5th party from Holland in 1709. Johannes Bierman first appears on the `Hunter lists' of 30 June 1710, with one person over ten years of age and two persons under ten years of age, which implies his second wife died during the voyage to America.
Frederick Getman married Mary Bierman in 1721. Did his mother marry Johannes Bierman before 1721 or after? Frederick became Johannes Bierman's step-son as well as his son-in-law.  Records show Johannes Bierman and Mary Bierman were each patentees on the north side of the Mohawk River on 30 April 1725 (Burnetsfield Patent). Johannes drew Lot #26 and Mary drew Lot#11 at Little Falls NY.  
After their marriage Frederick and Mary Getman settled at the Stone Arabia Patent where they farmed a large tract of land. Frederick Getman and Johannes Bierman purchased 700 acres of land at Stone Arabia, which consisted of Lots #92, #94, #96 and #98. Later Frederick Getman bought out Johannes' interest in the land and ended up owning the entire tract. Frederick and Anna Getman had six children, all born at Stone Arabia. Frederick Getman died 1781 in German Flats, HerkimerNY.
Christian Getman  1734 - 1821
Christian Getman was born 1734. Christian was one of six children born to Frederick and Mary (Bierman) Getman. The Getman family lived at the Stone Arabia Patent.  Frederick Getman and his father-in-law, Johannes Bierman, purchased 700 acres of land at Stone Arabia. Christians’ maternal grandfather was married to his fraternal grandmother, which means his maternal grandparents and fraternal grandparents were the same people
Christian Getman was a farmer and served during the French and Indian War in Severinus Dygert's Company in March of 1757.  Christian Getman married Anna Eva Zimmerman Markell on 8 July 1760. Anna Eva Zimmerman had married John Markell in 1757 and lived at Minden where their first child was born within the year. During the summer of 1758 they were attacked by Indians. Anna's husband and their only child were killed. Anna was scalped and left for dead. Anna was only fifteen at the time. How did Anna survive?Who knows!
Christian Getman was twenty-six when he married the widow, Anna Eva Zimmerman Markell. Christian served again in Severinus Dygert's Company during July 1763.
Christian Getman was listed as the Captain commanding a company of rangers stationed at Stone Arabia during the Revolutionary War. Christians’ Rangers helped to build Fort Paris at Stone Arabia during the winter of 1776/1777. Fort Paris was named after Isaac Paris. The post was ordered built by the Tryon County Committee of Safety, Dec. 19, 1776, and was largely erected by Capt. Christian Getman's company of rangers "under the sole direction and command of Isaac Paris, Esq.," to quote the language of the committee. It was in Stone Arabia, and was built of solid hewn timber and was two stories high with the upper story projecting over the lower on all sides.  After it was taken down, early in the nineteenth century, its timbers were used in building structures now in existence in that section.

Anna and Christian Getman had ten children, all born at Stone Arabia. Adam Getman was born on 28 July 1783.
Anna's Account
Adam Getman 1783 - 1864
Adam Getman was born on 28 July 1783 at Stone Arabia. He was one of ten children born to Anna and Christian Getman.
Adam Getman married on 22 July 1804 to Mary Vauche (or Faugh), who was born on 11 April 1784. Adam and Mary had nine children: Their first child, Daniel was born in March 1805.  Delia Getman was born next at Stone Arabia in 1807. Then came James in 1809 and Nathan in 1812. Mary Ann was born in May 1815.
Tragedy struck in 1817. Daniel died in April at the age of twelve. Henriette was born the following year in February 1818. Nathan died in March 1820 at the age of eight. Joshua was born 12 August 1820, and Nathaniel was born 17 January 1823. Last came Catherine (Caty Ann) who was born on 26 January 1826.
Delia Getman was married to Gansvoort P. DeWandelaer. Gansvoort was born at Palatine in 1797 to John G. DeWandelaer and Gertrude Gansvoort DeWandelaer. They made their home in Palatine NY and had five children: Mary Ann was born on 24 February 1828, and was baptized on 6 March 1828. She died young. Another child who died young. John Adams DeWandelaer was born in 1834. James Gansevoort was born on 11 November 1836. Georgiana was born in 1833/34. John Adams DeWandelaer was born on 16 November 1834.
Delia joined the Lutheran Church of Stone Arabia on April 1867.  She died on 21 January 1876.
Adam Getman died on 27 October 1864 and Mary (Vauche) Getman died on 3 October 1867.
Adam Zimmerman
Adam Zimmerman was born at Schoharie about 1714 to Jacob Zimmerman and Anna Schutz Zimmerman. Adam's father, Jacob Zimmerman II, was born at Nassau, Germany about 1690. His grandfather was Jacob Zimmerman, who migrated from Germany. Jacob Zimmerman and his parents sailed from Rotterdam to England on July 15, 1709 with. They later sailed to New York, and arrived there on 26 June 1710. The Zimmerman names appear several times on the British subsistence lists at New York City, dated 1 July 1710, 25 March 1711, 24 June 1711 and on the subsistence list a Livingston Manor on 31 December 1710.
In December 1710, Jacob Zimmerman II married Anna Margaretha Schutz at Livingston Manor. Jacob Zimmerman's father died before March 1711 leaving a widow and three children. Jacob and Anna lived at Livingston Manor with Jacob's widow mother, who had established a household. Jacob's widow mother remarried before June 1711 to Conrad Schutz, her new daughter-in-law's father.
Adam Zimmerman's maternal grandfather, Conrad Schutz, was a linen-weaver at Lieblosin, Germany in 1705. He had seven children, all born in Germany. Adam's mother, Anna Margaretha Schutz, was born at Selbod, Germany in 1693. Conrad Schutz's name appears on the `Hunter List' of August 1710, with five persons over the age of ten. His first wife had died in late 1710.
Jacoband Anna Zimmerman's first child was born in 1712, and died young. Jacob was naturalized on 3 January 1716. He and Anna were listed in 1717 as living at Schoharie with one child. They were encamped with 25 other families in the village of NeuHessberg of Fuchsendorf, which is the present site of the Old Stone Fort at Schoharie Village.

In 1725 Jacob Zimmerman was one of the founders of St. Johnsville, Montgomery County NY, where he built his home on the present site of the Methodist Episcopal Church parsonage. It became known as `Fort Timerman'. In July 1730, Jacob bought Lot #14 at St. Johnsville (Harrison Patent) from Col. Phillip Schuyler. Jacob owned nearly all the land in the village of St. Johnsville and it was known as `Zimmerman's Creek, town of Palatine'. Jacob built the first grist mill there and earned his living as a miller. He was also a farmer and fur trader. On 12 July 1729, Jacob was appointed one of five road commissioner.
Jacob Zimmerman died at St. Johnsville in 1739 leaving considerable land to his sons. By this time, Adam Zimmerman was the oldest of twelve children.
Adam Zimmerman was married sometime about 1742 to Catharine Nellis. Catharine Nellis was one of ten children who lived at Fort Nellis in the Harrison Patent. Adam and Catharine (Nellis) Zimmerman had three daughters. Anna Eva Zimmerman was born on 4 February 1743 and was baptized at the Stone Arabia Reformed Church. Catharine was born about 1745 and Elizabeth in 1747.
Adam Zimmerman died in 1748 leaving his wife, Catherine Nellis Zimmerman a widow with three daughters ranging in age from five to one year old. Catherine married again in 1749 to Johann Helmer
Catherine Nellis
Catherine Nellis was born in 1720 to Christian Nellis and Barvalis (Klock) Nellis.  In 1720 Christian and Barbara Nellis moved their family to the Harrison Patent. The Nellis home was so reinforced that it became known as Fort Nellis.
Catherine's maternal grandfather, Henderick Klock, was born at Hesse, Cassel, Germany about 1663. His first wife died about 1710. Henderick married a second time in 1710 to Maria Margaretha Schaeffer. He was supposed to have married a third time and a fourth time; his last wife dying about 1745.
Henderick Klock may have come to New York as early as 1704 and could be found on the New York Palatine Subsistence List as living at Queensbury (east side of the Hudson River) in 1715. In 1717 the census showed Henderick, with his wife, Maria Margaretha, and four children. Henderick Klock secured Lot #13 of the Harrison Patent which adjoined that of Christian Nellis. Barvalis (or Barbara) Klock was born about 1700. On 29 February 1718, Barvalis will marry Barvalis' sister, Christian Nellis. Margaret Klock will marry Christian's brother, Johann Wilhelm Nellis. Henderick Klock died in 1760 and was buried at the Old Klock Cemetery.

Catherine's fraternal grandfather, Johan Nellis, was born about 1670 near Mannheim, Germany. Johan and his wife Maria had three sons born in Germany. Johann Wilhelm Nellis was born January 1694; Christian was born about 1697 and Johannes about 1703. Johan and his family left from Bremen Germany to Holland and then to England as part of the 3000 Palatines. They landed in New York on 13 June 1710. There they were to work at Governor Hunter's tar works at Livingston Manor. Johan, Maria and four children (three over ten years of age and one under) appear on the New York Palatine Subsistence Lists in 1710 and 1712. Johan's name was not found on the 1717 Simmendinger census and probably died before 1717.
The three Nellis brothers were Lutherans and lived at the East and West Camps on the Hudson River. In the summer of 1712, the Nellis brothers were among a group of Palatines who hewed a road through the forest, over the Catskill Mountains, to the Schoharie River. They reached Schoharie in the fall of 1712. Sometime after this, Johannes left with other Palatines to settle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Johanna Wilheim and Christian left Schoharie and pushed up the Mohawk River until they reached the present site of the Palatine Church at Montgomery County, New York where they located and built their homes. Christian and Barvalis Nellis had a total of ten children. Christian died at Fort Nellis and was buried at the Old Klock Cemetery. Catherine Nellis will marry Adam Zimmerman in 1742.