5 West St, Ft Plain

Carl Greene
Lillian  S. age 7                           Lillian Greene                          Carl& Ned  Greene
Ned Greene with his palett
Lillian  S. age 7                    Anna,  Ned ,  Sally  Greene Haring,  Lillian Greene
Lillian, Maude. Jo, little SAlly and Nick
 at 5 West St
Anna B. Greene & Nick      Jo and Nick
Jo with Nick
Nick & Jane  Nerning, his nurse
Nick 1915                             Fredrick  Greene 
Carl Greene 
Nick  Greene  Jr above
​Right: Nick Sr and daughter
"Chips don't fall far"

Nelson Greene - the artist


Nelson Greene - the historian, writer and poet

Nelson Greene compiled and edited a foyr volume set of books titled “History of the Mohawk Valley: Gateway to the West 1614-1925”, which covers the history of six counties of Schenectedy, Schoharie, Montgomery, Fulton, Herkimer and Oneida. The books were published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago in 1925. You can buy them today – used.
A number of the poems in this book were first published in the Fort Plain Standard and Canajoharie Courier newspapers.  The authors featured include George W. Elliott, Robert F. Minnich, Douglas Ayres, Jr., Laura Taylor Ayres, Victoria Roch Jenkins, Lillian Lester Greene, Lillian Steinert Greene, Nelson Greene, and Demarest Cassidy.

Verses about landmarks, people, seasons, and war, including the locally familiar “Bonnie Eloise, the Belle of the Mohawk Vale” and the “Fort Plain School Song” comprise the collection.
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