DeWandelaer Ancestors

The earliest ancestors on the DeWandelaer side originated with a French trader, Jacque Hertel, and an Iroquois Indian princess, who had a daughter Ots-hosh.  They were soon joined by the German Palatines who settled in Schoharie and the Mohawk Valley. Class [Nicholas] Williams Van Coppernoll was born in Belgium or Holland to Jan Van Coppernoll who was a farmer in Remsen, Holland. In February of 1659, Class Van Coopernoll and his family immigrated to America aboard the "Faith" and settled in the Mohawk Valley. Leah Van Slyke was born in 1650 as the daughter of an Indian half-breed, Ots-hosh, and a German trader, Cornelius Anthonissen Van Slyck.  Her grandmother, Ots-hosh, was an Iroquois princess and her grandfather, Leah Van Slyke, was a French fur trader. Sometime during the 1670s, Leah Van Slyke and Class were married. It was Nancy Coppernoll, their great-great-great-great-granddaughter who married John Adams DeWandelaer in 1856.
Johannes de Wandelaer 1653 - aft 1709
Johannes de Wandelaer was born about 1653 at Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands. He came to America from Leyden, first settling at New Jersey. A short time later he  relocated up the Hudson River to be among the first settlers of Fort Orange NY (later to be known as Albany) where he owned much land. On 17 March 1672 Johannes married Sarah Schepmoes at New Amsterdam.

Their first child was born in 1673. Johannes deWandelaer Jr was born in 1676. Johannes and Sarah settled prior to 1678 at Albany, where Sarah gave birth to eight more children. Catarine DeWandelaer was their seventh child was born in 1689 and she marries a Ganesvort.

Johannes bought and sold ‘divers lots’ in Albany, the last of which was on the east corner of State and Chapel streets which he purchased of Jan Thomase in 1678. During the 1670s, he was an active participant in the Albany real estate market with his home being located on upper State Street. During the 1680s, he served on Albany juries and as an assessor in the first ward. In October 1690, he was named assistant alderman under the regime of Jacob Leisler.
Johannes was an Alderman in 1686, and an Assessor in the 1st Ward of Albany from 1691 to 1694. About 1699, the family moved to Schaghticoke, N.Y. From that time on, he seems to have gravitated more to New York City where he was identified as a Manhatten merchant when he was admitted to the freedom of the New York city in 1697. In 1702 and 1709, his Albany property in the third ward was valued on city assessment rolls.

In 1696, he was elected assistant alderman for the first ward in Albany. The next year, he was one of those appointed to take the census. In 1699, he was cited for illegal trading as he did not possess the freedom of the city (of Albany). His dual residency clouds a fuller understanding of his career.

Johannes De Wandelaer filed a will in June 1705. No wife was named, but it provided for eight living children. His estate included a house and lot on Queen(s) Street in New York, land on the plain in Albany, and personal property. He died sometime after 1709.
Johannes De Wandelaer, Jr. 1670s - aft 1736
Johannes DeWandelaer, Jr. was born in New York during the 1670s. He was the son of Johanne and Sara Schepmoes) DeWandelaer. Shortly thereafter, his parents established a second residence in Albany where Johannes Sr. would trade furs and real estate for much of the remainder of his life.
In 1697, Johannes Jr. was alone in the family's Albany house. He would marry, inherit the property from his parents, and set down roots that made him an Albany mainstay for the next two decades.
On 6 April 1701 Johannes DeWandelaer Jr. married Elizabeth (Lysbeth) Gansevoort, who was born in 1682 at Albany Dutch Church. Her brother, Leendert {Leonard} Gansevoort was born at Albany about 1682 and was baptized on 19 September 1683. Their father, Harmen Harmense Van Gansevoort came to Beverwyck, New Netherlands (New York) from Groningen, Holland, sometime before the spring of 1657, and maybe as early as 1655
On 11 May 1712 Johannes sister, Catarine DeWandelaer, married Leendert Gansevoort. Leendert says: “My wife is my sister-in-law’s sister. Her brother is my brother-in-law. I and my sister-in-law will have the same nieces and nephews. I and my sister will have the same mother-in-law and father-in-law. It just makes life more fun around Christmas time.” Johannes’ parents and Lysbeth’s parent were very close and visited a lot.
Johannes and Lysbeth DeWandelaer had at least ten children, who were all born at Albany:
 Sara was baptized 1701. Harmen was baptized 1702. Johannes was baptized 1704. Rebecca was baptized 1706. Andries was baptized 1708. Angenietje was 1711. Pieter DeWandelaer was baptized in 1713. Maria was 1715. Harmen was baptized 1718. Adrien was baptized 1719.
Johannes Jr. followed his father and father-in-law in business and settled down in a house on Market Street. Assessment rolls valued his third ward property moderately. He served as juror, road master, and, beginning in 1705, was elected assistant alderman. He served on a number of committees including those formed to develop Albany's holdings at Schaghticoke.
They moved from Albany (Broadway & Maiden) about 1719 and became tenant farmers on the Schaghticoke tract on the east side of the Hudson River. Johannes was listed as a freeholder in Schaghticoke in 1720. In 1720, he was counted as a freeholder in Schaghticoke - where he probably had relocated to a farm on his own property.
Lysbeth Gansevoort DeWandelaer probably died after 1730. Into the 1730s, Johannes DeWandelaer, Jr. still maintained his Albany residence. He was last heard from in 1736 when he purchased additional land along the Tomhannock Creek.  Johannes DeWandelaer died sometime after 1736 on his farm in Schaghticoke
Pieter DeWandelaer 1713 - aft 1787
Pieter DeWandelaer was born 20 September 1713 and lived in Albany with his parents and six siblings. His oldest sister, Sara, was twelve years when he was born and his youngest sister was only two. His father, Johannes DeWandelaer, was Assistant Alderman of the 3rd Ward of Albany from 1705 to 1709. About 1719, Johannes and Lysbeth moved their family of ten children from Albany . They became tenant farmers on the Schahticoke tract on the east side of the Hudson River. Young Pieter DeWandelaer hated to leave his aunt, uncle and cousins in Albany.
Pieter's Aunt Catarina, Uncle Leendert Gansvoort and five cousins lived in Albany at the time. Catarina DeWandelaer and Leendert Gansevoort were married 10 May 1712. Catarina was Pieter's father's sister.  Leendert was his mother's brother. Uncle Leendart bought out the shares of his grandfather's brewery from his seven surviving sisters. He further increased his wealth by operating the brewery and investing the proceeds into mortgages on city properties and developed farms.
Pieter DeWandelaer took over his father's farm Schaghticoke. He first married Adrianntje Van Vecten, who died on 21 March 1751 in Albany. Pieter and Adrianntje had two children. Johannes was born in 1748 and died before he was two years old. Barent was born in 1750 and died a few days after his first birthday. Pieter DeWandelaer married a second time to Anna Bogardus Van Vechten on 10 March 1753 at Schagticoke. Anna had first married Benjamin Van Vechten in1744. Benjamin died in 1749 after fathering two children, both born in Schaghticoke. It may have been that Anna and Adrianntje were sisters-in-law.
Pieter DeWandelaer had three children by Anna. With her one surviving son, and their three, the family consisted of four children, born between 1748 and 1763. Their daughter, Elizabeth was born in Albany in 1753 and married Teunis Van Vechten in December 1777. Johannes Gansevoort DeWandelaer was born 1756; he will marry his first cousin, once removed, Gerritje (Gertrude) Gansevort, who was the daughter of Dr. Pieter Gansevoort and Gerritje Ten Eyck. Pieter DeWandelaer was a businessman and landholder who owned a number of buildings and lived in the third ward. He also may have had a second home on a farm in the countryside.
In 1737 he was appointed constable for the third ward. In 1743 he was named firemaster. In 1752 and 1753, he was elected assistant alderman. He was a contractor of the city and the city council occasionally met at his home. In 1763, he was included on a list of Albany freeholders. During the War for Independence, he contributed supplies for the American cause, was paid for services, and hosted a meeting of the Committee of Correspondence at his house in November 1776.
Pieter DeWandelaer's holdings were valued on city assessment rolls. He was last heard from when his account was paid by the Albany city government in September 1781. Also, a Pieter De Wandelaer witnessed a lease for Montgomery County farmland in November 1787.
Johannes Gansevoort DeWandelaer 1756 - 1824
Johannes Gansevoort DeWandelaer was born 1756. He was baptized on 25 April 1756 at Albany NY. His parents, Pieter DeWandelaer and Anna Bogardus Van Vechten De Wandelaer, lived in Albany NY. Johannes was the middle child of three. He had an older sister and a younger sister.
In his early life, Johannes Gansevoort DeWandelaer worked as an assistant in the law office of Judge Van Vechten, of Albany. On 14 May 1777, he married at Albany to Gertrude (Sara?) Gansevoort, who was baptized at Albany on 8 April 1757 to Dr. Pieter Gansevoort and Gerritje Ten Eyck. She was his first cousin, once removed
Johannes Gansevoort DeWandelaer was an enlisted man in the Albany County Militia. After the Revolutionary War Johannes and his family moved to Palatine NY, where they purchased a 600 acre farm that he worked until his death on 17 August 1824 (his will was dated 12 July 1822 and was probated on 4 September 1824). Gertrude died on 29 June 1844.
Johannes and Gertude (Gansevoort) DeWandelaer had nine children: Pieter was baptized on 4 May 1778 at Albany. Maria was born at Albany in December 1779. Harmen was baptized at Albany on 10 September 1781. Gerritje was baptized at Schaghticoke, N.Y. on 5 August 1783. Maria was baptized at Schaghticoke, N.Y. on 22 November 1784. Anthony was born or baptized at Schaghticoke,N.Y. on 4 February 1787. Gerrit was born on 30 August 1788 at Schaghticoke, N.Y. Barrot Ten Eyck was born about 1792 at Montgomery County,N.Y.
Gansevoort P. DeWandelaer was born at Palatine, Montgomery Co., in 1797. He was the youngest of the  nine children born to Johannes and Gertrude (Gansevoort) Dewandelaer Jr.
Ganesvort DeWandelaer 1797-1867
Gansevoort P. DeWandelaer was born at Palatine, Montgomery Co. NY in 1797. He was the youngest of nine children born to Johannes and Gertrude (Gansevoort) Dewandelaer Jr.
When Gansevoort DeWandelaer was young, he studied medicine and clerked in his uncle's store  (uncle Conrad Gansevoort). He married about 1825 to Delia Getman of Ephrath, who was born on 5 July 1807 to Adam Getman and Mary Vauche.
Gansevoort DeWandelaer inherited his father's farm, at Palatine, and died there on 23 April 1867. Delia joined the Lutheran Church of Stone Arabia on April 1867 and died on 21 January 1876. They had five children: Mary Ann was born on 24 February 1828, and was baptized on 6 March 1828. She died young. Another child who died young.
John Adams DeWandelaer  was born in the early 1830s. James Gansevoort was born on 11 November 1835/6. Georgiana was born in 1837.  John Adams DeWandelaer was born at Palatine, N.Y. on 16 November 1834. He was oldest of  three surviving children of Delia (Getman) and Gansevoort DeWandelaer.
John Adams DewandelaerJ 1830s – 1891
John Adams DeWandelaer was born at Palatine, N.Y. on 16 November 1834. He was the oldest of three surviving children of Delia (Getman) and Gansevoort DeWandelaer. He first married on 30 September 1856 to Nancy C. Coppernoll, who was born 8 November 1838 to James Coppernoll and Nancy Strayer. John and Nancy lived in Palatine, New York  John and Nancy DeWandelaer had six children. . By 1861 John and Nancy had two children, Delmar and Florence. .
Delmar J. DeWandelaer  was born in 1858. Florence Adele DeWandelaer was born on 5 July 1859, and married on 14 May 1879 to Marvin E. Weller. d. 28 May 1952. Florence’s grandaught was Louise Picher, who was the second wife of Nicholas Greene.
Loretta was born in 1863, and Julia DeWandelaer was born in 1868. Glidden A. DeWandelaer was born about 1870, and Melvin DeWandelaer was born in 1877.
"At 4:30 on April 12, 1861, a hot-headed South Carolina rebel fired on Fort Sumter, beginning four years of bloodshed and bitterness called the Civil War." The war actually started decades earlier, as differences between the people of the North and those of the South. The Souhtern Confederates stunned the Northern Union loyalists. It was not until September of 1862 that the Union was able to claim an approaching victory.
John DeWandelaer became a captain in the Union Army during the Civil war, after having enlisted as a private on 25 August 1862 at Palatine. He became a 1st Lt. on 1 September 1862 and a captain on 6 March 1863. He served under Major General Banks in Louisiana, fighting in four engagements. General Grant had sent troops to Louisiana where Banks was preparing to invade Texas. Banks never did occupy Texas. The Banks campaign was badly beaten at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. Bank's troops retreated with such panicky haste that Admiral Porter's accompanying fleet of gunboats narrowly escaped complete destruction.
John DeWandelaer further served in the calvary under General Sheridan in Virginia, seeing five engagements. He was wounded in the shoulder during the Battle of Winchester on 19 September 1864. The ball was never fully extracted and gave him trouble for the rest of his life . Records show Capt. DeWandelaer to have been a brave soldier, well-liked by his Company, who presented him with a handsome sword.
"In 1864 the North's high command decided on a policy of total war. General Philip Sheridan was ordered to put the South's granary to the torch. When he was finished the Shenandoah Valley was a scene of blackened desolution." Grant's instructions were to despoil the rich farm lands of the Valley so throughly that the place could no longer support a Confederate Army. On September 19 Sheridan attacked Jubal Early's Confederate troops at Winchester. The assault was bungled and soon stalemated, but Sheridan galloped to the front, waving his hat and shouting to his officers, "Give 'em hell . . . Press them, General they'll run!" until he had the whole army surging forward irresistibly. The thin gray ranks broke and fled. After the Confedates left, the Union army put a torch to the Valley. Sheridan left his army to attend a stratgy conference in Washington.
Refusing to admit defeat, Early attacked. At dawn on October 19 the Confedertaes demolished, the Union soldiers left at Ceder Creek just south of Winchester. "By afternoon the Yankees had been shoved back four miles. General Sheridan was on his way  back to Ceder Creek when the news reached him. He spurred through the backwash of defeat, a dramatic figure shouting at stragglers to "Turn Back! Turn Back! Face the other way!" Soon he had his men back into line and formed a counterattack, swearing to give Early "the worst licking he ever had!" A blue tide of Yankess simply overwhelmed Early, with cavalry playing havoc among the retreating Rebels. The Confederacy's hold on the Shenandoah Valley was broken for good."
Of course John DeWandelaer wasn't able to witness the famous "Sheridan's Ride" as he was wounded in the September battle at Winchester. John DeWandelaer mustered out of the Army with his Company at Savannah, GA. on 2 October 1865 when his return to his family
After twenty-two years of marriage and six children, Capt. John DeWandelaer divorced Nancy. He married Frances Campbell, who had one child by him - Isabella (who married Nolan D. Mitchell and had two children- Nolan and Francis). Nancy died on 1 October 1882 and is buried at Fort Plain. John DeWandelaer was a contractor and died on 9 April 1891 at Adamstown, MD, and is buried at Arlington National Cemetry.
Delmar DeWandelaer 1858-1939
Delmar DeWandelaer was born in 1858. He was the son of Capt. John Adams  and and Nancy (Coppernioll) DeWandelaer. He was a member of the firm of DeWandelaer & Gray - Undertaking & Furniture Store, until his retirement in 1913.
Emma Louisa Truax was born on 31 January 1857 at Matawan, New Jersey. When she was seventeen her family moved to Fort Plain (1874). In 1875 Delmar DeWandelaer and Emma Louisa Traux were married. He was seventeen and she was eighteen.
They owned a home 38 Webster Street in Ft. Plain. note-without a mortgage. They had only one child - Edward Percy our ancestor – born in 1876
Emma died on 15 Novenber 1935, at Fort Plain at the age of 78. Delmar DeWandelaer died on 4 January 1939, at Palatine, and is buried at Fort Plain.
Edward Percy DeWandelaer 1876 - 1942
Edward Percy DeWandelaer was born on 17 March 1876, at Fort Plain, New York. The family called him Percy. He was the only child of Delmar DeWandelaer and Emma Lousia (Traux) DeWandelaer. The DeWandelaers lived in Fort Plain NY where Percy's father was a member of the firm of DeWandelaer & Gray - Undertaking & Furniture Store, until his retirement in 1913 at the young age of 37.
Percy DeWandelaer married Ethel Effa J. Link about 1902. Ethel was born at Root, N.Y. on 14 November 1879. Her parents were  ddison Link and Grace Alida Stokes.
Edward and Ethel had two children: Dorothy Jane was born at Fort Plain on 28 June 1904. Ruth Rosemary DeWandelaer was born 18 November 1905 at Fort Plain, N.Y  Percy  was employed as an insurance agent by Prudential Insurance and listed Ethel DeWandelaer as his closest relative.
The family resided at 34 Crouse, Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY when he registered for the WWI draft  on Sep 12, 1918. When the girls were teenagers, Edward DeWandelaer seperated from Ethel and moved to Phoenix, AZ, where he died in 1942. Ethel died on 5 February 1932 at Amsterdam, New York.
Ruth Rosemary DeWandelaer  1905 - 1939
Edward Percy DeWandelaer married about 1902 Ethel Effa J. Link, who was born at Root, N.Y. on 14 November 1879 to Addison Link and Grace Alida Stokes. Edward and Ethel had two children:
Dorothy Jane was born at Fort Plain on 28 June 1904. Ruth Rosemary DeWandelaer was born 18 November 1905 at Fort Plain, N.Y.
As a child, Ruth's family lived at Ft. Plain NY, where her grandfather was a member of the DeWandelaer & Gray - Undertaking & Furniture store. Ruth's sister, Dorothy DeWandelaer, was only a year and a half older. Both girls graduated from Fort Plain High School. Ruth graduated from Agnes Scott College at Decatur Ga. Agnes Scott was a women's college established in 1879. Aunt Dorothy use to say `the town knew when the DeWandelaer girls were home from college because their mother use to buy a vat of dill pickles'.
 Ruth's parents separated sometime around 1920. Her father, Edward DeWandelaer, moved to Phoenix, Az. where he died in 1942
It seems apparent that Dorothy and Ruth DeWandelaer frequently visited the Taylor's, in Philadelphia. Aunt Minnie became like a fairy godmother to the two DeWandelaer girls. Aunt Minnie was Ruth's mother's sister.
Ruth married at Philadelphia on 15 August 1928 to Nicholas Herkimer Greene. Nicholas Herkimer Greene was born at Chicago, Ill. in 1906 to Carlton Herkimer Greene and Maude Sophia Leppert. Nicholas graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in June 1928.
Apparently Ruth and Nick became sweethearts when Nick visited his grandparents in Ft. Plain throughout his childhood. Nicholas and Ruth settled in the Germantown area of Philadelphia, where Nicholas worked as an accountant and office manager of with the Philadelphia Electric Company.
Ruth and Nicholas had two children: Nicholas Herkimer Greene Jr was born in 1931, and Ann DeWandelaer Greene was born in 1935.
Dorothy married on 31 January 1931 to Richard J. Walker. They lived in the Philadelphia, PA area until Richard's retirement from the Philadelphia Electric Co., when they moved to Largo Fla. Ruth and Dorothy were very close. They had a son, Richard who was a year younger than Nick Jr.
Ruth and Nicholas lived at Philadelphia. They first lived in Horror Street in Germantown. They then moved to 439 Wadsworth Street in east Mt. Airy, where she died after a short illness on 24 June 1939. An autopsy show she suffered from leukemia. . Dorothy and Ruth had been shopping when Ruth was taken ill.  Ruth came home and went to bed. Each day Ruth became weaker; however Ann was allowed to sit in bed with her mother during the afternoon. Ruth would read stories to Ann. Ann remembers being able to use the "master" bathroom to go to the potty. Ruth died at home. "Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Minnie took over" remembers Ann. An autopsy revealed the cause of Ruth's death was Leukemia
Nicholas was left a widower with two young children. At the funeral, he met Ruth's cousin. Ruth's mother had died in 1932. Her father was remarried and living in Arizona. I don't think he came to his daughter's funeral!
Nicholas remarried Ruth's cousin, Florence Louise Pitcher, on December 30, 1939.  Louise was the granddaughter of Florence DeWandelaer Weller.  Nick and Louise had a daughter, Priscilla Louise, born April 20, 1941 Nicholas Greene retired from the Philadelphia Electric Company and moved to Largo with his second wife.