Anna Eva Zimmerman

Anna Eva Zimmerman was born on 4 February 1743 and was baptized at the Stone Arabia Reformed Church. Her parents were Adam Zimmerman and Catherine Nellis Zimmerman. Anna had two sisters; Catharine was born about 1745 and Elizabeth in 1747. Anna's grandfather, Jacob Zimmerman, owned nearly all the land in the village of St. Johnsville and it was known as `Zimmerman's Creek, town of Palatine'. Jacob built the first grist mill there and earned his living as a miller. I am imagine the Zimmerman family lived at St. Johnsville.
Anna's father, Adam Zimmerman died in 1748. Anna was only five years old. Her mother, Catherine married again in 1749 to Johann Helmer.
Anna Eva Zimmerman married John Markell in 1757 and lived at Minden where their first child was born within the year. During the summer of 1758 they were attacked by Indians. Anna's husband and their only child were killed. Anna was scalped and left for dead. Anna was only fifteen at the time. How did Anna survive? I don't know!
An account of her reads:
       "Not a few instances of captivity and suffering were experienced in the Mohawk Valley settlements in the French and Indian war, the most of which have been irrevocably lost, but there is another which tradition has preserved . . . Near the beginning of this war John Markell who had married Miss Anna Timmerman, of St. Johnsville, began a residence in the westerly part of Minden.  In the summer of 1757, Markell and his wife left home, she with a child in her arms, to go to a neighbors.  A little distance from their dwelling, they unexepectedly saw in the path a dozen armed Indians.  Markell at once viewed them as strangers and if so, as foes -- and knowing that their escape was impossible, he said in German to his wife, who was directly behind him, "Anna our time is up."  These were his dying words, for in the next instant one of the party sent a bullet through his body which lodged in hers.  They both fell to the ground, the child escaping from her arms.  With her face down she feigned death.  Markell was tomahawked and scalped, and as an Indian was about to scalp her, she heard one of his comrads say, what she devined to be  "Better knock squaw on head."  "She's dead now" was the reply.  He drew his knife around the crown and placed his knees against her shoulders, and with his teeth tore off the reeking scalp.  A third one of the party dashed out the brains of the crying infant against a tree.  The foemen did not linger long to strip their victims and well they did not, for Mrs. Markell could not much longer have enacted the death scene.  It is impossible to conceive the agony of this brave woman, who was conscious all the time her foes were present, without being seen to move a muscle.  It is believed that the party went directly to the house of the family and plundered it for all they desired.  Mrs. Markell found friends and being properly treated recovered but carried the bullet to her grave.  A year or two later she married Christian Getman of Ephrata where she lived a long and useful life.  She died in April 1821 [sic] at the age of 85 years.  She is still remembered by four or five of her aged relatives, from whom these facts were obtained, as a very industrious and exemplary woman.  The loss of her scalp was afterward concealed by combing her hair.  By her second marriage she had four sons:  Peter, Christian, Jacob, and Adam . . . and two daughters, Catherine and Anna."
Now Christian Getman was a farmer and served during the French and Indian War in Severinus Dygert's Company in March of 1757. Had Christian been Anna savior? Anna Eva Zimmerman Markell married Christian Getman on 8 July 1760. Christian Getman was twenty-six when he married the young widow.